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    Home Sweet Home: How to Find a Healthy Christchurch Home

    With winter nipping at our noses, now is the right time to consider what you need from your Christchurch home to keep your family safe and healthy through this tough season. We know that the property market in Christchurch has been tough since the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, but there are still things you Read more

  6. puzzle-property

    Property Managers 101: How to Choose the Right Person for your Property

    We’ve all heard about property managers but what do they do exactly? In simple terms a property manager is someone you hire to handle the day to day business of your real estate investment. Professional property managers can manage all kinds of properties, from large apartment buildings to family homes to granny flats. Managing your Read more

  7. rent-apartment

    On the hunt: what to look for in a Rental Property in Christchurch

    We all know that New Zealanders love to own their own houses, but with the current financial climate, it’s not always a possibility especially with the high deposit you need to secure when buying your first house. But renting a house has its perks too: it’s cheaper than paying a mortgage, and your bills are Read more

  8. It’s ALIVE: Christchurch’s Thriving Property Market

    It’s been four years since the February earthquake that destroyed our beloved Christchurch, and if you read the headlines in the news these days, the negativity surrounding the rebuild can make these four years seem even longer. The truth of the matter is this: while there’s still a lot of work to do to get Read more

  9. rebuild

    Rebuilding Christchurch Brick by Brick

    It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the four year anniversary of the Canterbury earthquakes that devastated our beloved city. As one of the original real estate agencies in Christchurch, we’ve seen a lot since we opened the Cowdy doors for business in 1979, but we never could have predicted the amount of destructions we Read more

  10. chch_property

    How to save for Christchurch Property

    If in the New Year, you are planning to buy a new home, it’s time to start saving. The old adage is still as applicable as ever: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”. Thinking in the hundreds and thousands can be tough, but it’s easy to accumulate savings if Read more

  11. Real-Estate-Home

    Property Management Christchurch

    If you are currently managing your own Christchurch property and finding yourself struggling for time, it may be time to talk to our Property Management Christchurch experts. The team at Cowdy & Co. understand the Christchurch property market and can take care of everything on your behalf, leaving you to get on with your life. Read more

  12. summer_sale

    Real Estate Christchurch – Tips for Selling in Summer

    February and March are the most active months of the year, closely followed by October and November. This means that majority of all Real Estate in Christchurch is sold during a quarter of the year. After the Christmas rush has come and gone, many people will be looking forward to a ‘New Year, New Home’ Read more

  13. property_manager

    What makes a good Christchurch Property Manager?

    Our team of dedicated Christchurch property managers pride themselves on delivering excellence property management service to the Christchurch region. Cowdy and Co. have been trusted property managers since 1979 and specialise in Commercial, Rural and Residential real estate. We are the proud recipients of an award of excellence from the Real Estate Institute of New Read more

  14. house

    Real Estate Christchurch – Home Staging Benefits

    Real Estate Christchurch If you are planning to sell your Christchurch property this Summer – we want to help you get the best value you can. With the Christchurch real estate market being competitive, it pays to present your house to show off it’s best assets. There are many easy to use tips to help Read more

  15. Christchurch-Property-Managers

    Your Christchurch rental needs a Property Manager

    Cowdy & Company provides a comprehensive Christchurch property management service to property investors from around New Zealand and overseas. Our philosophy is to look after your property as if it is our own. Whether you live in Christchurch or half way around the world, if you own a Christchurch rental, Cowdy & Co will manage Read more

  16. cowdy-content21

    Properties for sale in Christchurch – A first home-buyers guide

    If you are thinking seriously about looking into properties for sale in Christchurch, Congratulations! Cowdy & Co want to support you through the entire home buying process and are experts when it comes to Christchurch real estate. We know that it’s both a scary and exciting time purchasing your first home, so we have compiled Read more

  17. Schultenhof_Mettingen_Bauerngarten_8

    4 green tips to add value to your Christchurch property

    Grow the value of your Christchurch Property with a Garden If you are looking at selling your Christchurch property in the distant future, you’ll be amazed how much you can get done in a weekend and how far $1,000 will take you when it comes to adding value to your home. Investing a small amount Read more

  18. images-2

    6 Tips to Spring Clean your Christchurch Real Estate

    Spring has officially arrived here in Christchurch so don’t let a dirty home ruin you welcoming the blooming flowers and longer days! Whether you’re living in a Christchurch rental or own your own Christchurch real estate, there is no denying the benefits of a good old fashion Spring Clean. Spring cleaning is about going beyond Read more

  19. Christchurch Property Management in action

    Meet Karen As Business Development Manager for Cowdy & Co property management, I am fortunate enough to be in a position to meet great people, view wonderful Christchurch properties and secure new homes for great tenants each day. Day to day role A visit to the owner’s home allows me to offer property management advice Read more

  20. Real-Estate-Home (1)

    Chattels vs. Fixtures- What you need to know when buying Christchurch real estate

    Chattels and Fixtures Defined When buying Christchurch real estate, it is important to understand the difference between chattels and fixtures when there is a transfer of ownership. If you are ever unsure, check with your Christchurch real estate agent, before going through the house buying process. Chattels: Chattels are considered items of personal property, that Read more

  21. mould-house

    5 top tips to avoid mould in your Christchurch Property

    Damp, mould and mildew is not only bad for the health of your tenants and can cause respiratory problems, it can also seriously damage your Christchurch rental property. If you find any signs of mould, its important to address the issue straight away. Early detection and prevention of mould can save you a lot of Read more

  22. Scarf around a miniature green house - conceptual view of protecting or isolating house

    8 tips to selling your Christchurch property in Winter

    The months leading up to Summer and Christmas may be the busiest time for retailers, however the team at Cowdy are busy year round especially with mobile technology turning house hunting into a year-round process. Selling real estate is less susceptible to seasonality than some may think. In fact, January is the most quiet month Read more

  23. file000456176448

    How to maintain your Christchurch rental property part 4: Ongoing maintenance tips

    Maintaining your Christchurch property is a lot of work – and can be especially hard if you are not the one residing in it. Ensuring your rental property is fit, healthy and safe enough for another family or flat to live in may involve more work than you originally thought. Earlier this year New Zealand Read more

  24. file1741250411425

    Christchurch property maintenance guide part 3: Your rights when the property is rented out

    You have a fantastic Christchurch rental property in great condition and you have kindly let another person live in it. Of course they will treat it with the love and respect that they would if it were their own home…right? If only being a landlord was that easy. If only every time a new tenant Read more

  25. chch_property

    How to maintain a rental property Part 2: Before the tenants move in

    In our previous post, we discussed the rules and regulations around maintenance of rental properties. There are a lot of legislative requirements to keep on top of, legal obligations and processes that must be followed. If you are unclear on any of them, be sure to check out the post and follow the links to Read more

  26. How to maintain a rental property Part 1: Knowing your obligations

    Maintaining a rental property in Christchurch can be tough. The eternal problem for landlords is that you are responsible for its overall upkeep, yet you don’t have constant access. In fact, much of the time you are nowhere near your rental property – whether you live in Christchurch or not! We’re pretty good at dealing Read more

  27. Christchurch Rental Property Tips: Getting your bond back part 2

    In our last blog, we wrote about our top 10 tips to make sure you get your bond back. Here’s part two, with our next 10. Whether you are buying a property, selling a property, renting to tenants or renting a property – be it a Christchurch rental property or further afield – these are Read more


    Rental Property Tips: Getting your bond back

    The end of the lease on your rental property can be a terrifying time for renters. You forked over a pretty hefty sum at the beginning of your tenancy, and you think you looked after the place pretty well. Once that contract is over, it is up to the landlord or property manager to determine Read more

  29. Picture_1671-e1392692830437

    Going green can help you sell your Christchurch property

    For home owners selling property, going green can help you sell your property, as more and more home buyers are looking for houses for sale in Christchurch that are environmentally friendly. From increased insulation to energy efficient appliances, there are a number of changes you can make to increase your chances of selling your home, Read more

  30. christchurch

    How to win the Christchurch rental property race

    We all thought hell would freeze over before it became more expensive to rent in Christchurch than in Auckland. Sadly, that day has arrived. According to TradeMe Property, from July to September 2013 the average rental property in Christchurch cost more than $500 a week. This is up 25% on the same time last year. Read more

  31. property_manager

    Meet Jasmine, our newest property management team member

    We’re thrilled to welcome Jasmine Lange, the latest Property Manager to our team. Jasmine is a Christchurch native, having lived here all her life. A graduate of Canterbury University (with a degree in Psychology and Management), Jasmine has a wide range of property industry experience, most recently having worked in Mall Management. Prior to dipping Read more

  32. 17117538_s

    Choosing the right property maintenance provider

    It’s important to check the condition of your Christchurch rental property regularly and ensure maintenance issues are addressed. Any damage must be repaired as soon as possible. As a client of Cowdy and Co. Property Management, you’ll get a 4-monthly property inspection by your property manager with a detailed written report and photos. As a Read more

  33. 10573927_m-e1380583046520

    Keeping Christchurch Property Free From Contamination

    Cowdy’s Christchurch property Methamphetamine testing service We’re dedicated to ensuring that as a landlord we will take care of what’s probably your biggest asset – your house. Being certified meth testers we can give you peace of mind that your property is free from meth contamination. Rental properties across New Zealand have become more popular Read more

  34. cowdygroupshot

    Our Guarantee To Rental Clients

    Searching for a property management company is an important process; you’re trusting others to care for what’s likely the most valuable thing you own. There’s some important things to make sure your agency will do to have peace of mind with your rental. What can I expect when Cowdy & Co Manage my property? When Read more

  35. 8702269_m-e1377475800106

    A Shortage Of Rental Properties In Christchurch

    The demand for rental properties has risen during the post-earthquake rebuild. Workers and families are desperate for practical living solutions but the competition is huge. With many Cantabrians moving back to Christchurch and more rebuild workers arriving every week, accommodation is fast becoming a serious issue. With higher demand of course, rents have been going Read more

  36. christchurch

    Presentation Tips For Selling Your Home

    Cowdy isn’t just about managing rental properties in Christchurch and listing houses for rent; we’re very successful residential real estate salespeople with a wealth of experience and expertise. If you’ve made the decision to put your house on the market you’ll want potential buyers to come in fast and start to see some great offers. Read more

  37. property_manager

    Meet some of Cowdy’s latest property managers

    We’re delighted to welcome two new staff members to the Cowdy Team, Property Managers Sarah Talbot and Stacey Parry. Sarah Talbot Sarah comes to Cowdy and Co with personal experience in not only managing rental homes but maintaining her own investment property. Sarah knows how important an asset your Christchurch property is and always strives Read more

  38. insurance-1-e1373240201170

    Changes To Christchurch Property Insurance

    House insurance policies are going through a period of change at the moment. This has been getting a lot of exposure in the media and caused a fair amount of concern from home owners. Where property owners previously had insurance on full replacement/reinstatement, policies will now largely be based on a ‘Sum Insured’ amount. Whatever Read more

  39. cowdygroupshot

    Using a Property Management Company for your Christchurch Rental Property

    When managed well, renting out your property can provide fantastic income. It also allows you to travel overseas for a longer duration without completely uprooting from New Zealand. Being a landlord for the first time can be daunting; choosing the right tenant, advertising, and sorting out tenancy agreements & bond. Once the property is rented, Read more

  40. homes

    8 Relevant Real Estate Tips for Selling Your Home

    Preparing your property for sale is a crucial part of the sales process – when there are plenty of buyers in the market, the right preparation can help you get top dollar, and when there are fewer buyers, paying attention to presentation can help ensure your home sells more quickly. To get the best results Read more

  41. house

    Rental demand high, supply low – It’s time to buy

    There is a shortage of rental accommodation & rents continue to increase. An all time high of 79% net of respondents, expect that Christchurch house prices will continue to increase over the next 12 months [ASB Housing Confidence survey]. Low interest rates are expected for the foreseeable future. In Canterbury an estimated extra $50 million Read more