About Belfast

Belfast is one of the older suburbs of Christchurch. Traditionally focused around the freezing works, now includes the new subdivisions of Northwood, Styx Mill Estate and Regents Park. The Belfast area is primarily residential, with residents commuting either into the city or out to Kaiapoi and Rangiora. Historically, many of the original residents in the area hailed from Ireland, and a number of the streets are named after parts of the country the settlers originated from.

On the main route to the north of Christchurch, Belfast has developed businesses and shops along the Main North Road, which takes traffic onto State Highway 1 and the motorway north.

Location: North Christchurch, outskirts, close to the Waimakariri River

Distance from Cathedral Square (direct line):

Buses: Routes 16 (Belfast), 12 (Northwood/Murray Aynsley), 11 (Styx Mill/Westmorland)

Landscape: The area has a flat contour with a semi-rural outlook in parts

Amenities: Styx Mill Country Club, Waimakariri River, The Groynes Recreation Reserve, Clearwater Golf Resort, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve; Redwood Park; Everglades Country Golf Course; Sheldon Park

Shopping: Northwood Supa Centre, Redwood shops, Northlands Mall

Cafes and Restaurants: Jagz Cafe, Barracouta Restaurant and Bar, Esquires Coffee House, Caesars Family Restaurant/Bar, Rosebank Estate, Ko Tane at Willowbank, Chardonnay Motor Lodge, Peppers Clearwater

Schools & Institutions: Belfast School, St Bede’s College, Marshland School, Redwood School, Papanui High School, Mairehau High School, Papanui Primary School

Housing type: Belfast has a mix of properties ranging from the late 19th century through to modern executive homes built in the newest subdivisions.

Sections: Sections are available in this area with the opening of new subdivisions around Northwood, Clearwater and Coutts Island. Many properties are larger than normal city sections and could be called lifestyle blocks.

Neighbouring suburbs: Redwood, Casebrook, Marshlands, Belfast, Ouruhia

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