About Shirley

Shirley is a middle class, mainly residential suburb located not far from central Christchurch. Home to one of the city’s major shopping malls, The Palms and  en route to the beach suburb of Brighton, as well as the Marshlands market garden and orchard area, for traffic heading to the north of Christchurch.
Location: Inner North East Christchurch.

Distance from Cathedral Square (direct): 3km.

Amenities: Macfarlane Park and smaller reserves, Shirley Golf Course, Edgeware Tennis Club, Horseshoe Lake Reserve, close to QE11 Leisure Centre, Kerr’s Reach (rowing), Burwood Park, Porritt Park, Avondale Golf Course

Buses: Orbiter, Metrostar, Routes 46 (Shirley), 60 (Parklands), 70 (Queenspark).

Schools & Institutions: Shirley Library, Hammersley Park, Banks Avenue Primary, Shirley Intermediate, Shirley Boys’ High, Mairehau High, Marian College, Avonside Girls’ High, Mairehau Primary School.

Shopping: The Palms shopping mall, Bunnings and Homebase shopping centre Marshlands Road, Hills Rd-Shirley Road- Warrington Street corner shops, and strip shops in several locations including Acheson Avenue, Briggs Road and Marshlands Road.

Cafes and Restaurants: Euro Deli Meats, BB’s Cafe, Providence Cafe, Cafe Atua, Hammersley’s, Hell Pizza, Coyote Cafe, Coffee Culture, Gloria Jean’s

Housing Type: Shirley consists of mostly 1950s – 1970s houses, with some older properties. There is a wide range of ages and types of housing, mostly freestanding houses, with pockets of new development, some over 60s housing and a large state housing area off Shirley Road.

Sections: Some availability in new subdivisions of Fairway Park and Clearbrook Palms

Neighbouring Suburbs: St Albans, Edgeware, Dallington, Burwood, Marshland, Wainoni, Richmond, Mairehau

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