St. Albans

About St. Albans

St Albans is a wide-ranging, mostly residential suburb, that includes many family homes, spacious streets, established trees and gardens. Many properties in St Albans are still in an affordable price range for family homes. The location benefits from close proximity to the city centre and to some of Christchurch’s most sought after suburbs. Many of the villas in St Albans have been renovated and extended.

Location: Inner North Christchurch.

Distance from Cathedral Square (straight line): 2.5km.

Amenities: St Albans Park, English Park, Malvern Park, Rugby Park, Abberley Park, smaller reserves, Shirley Golf Course, Mairehau Public Library , Edgeware Tennis Club

Buses: Metrostar, Routes 14 (Nunweek), 16 (Belfast) and 18 (St Albans).

Schools: St Albans Primary, Paparoa Street Primary, Mairehau Primary, Lady of Fatima Primary, St Albans Catholic School, Heaton Intermediate, Mairehau High, Shirley Boys High, Avonside Girls High, Christchurch Girls High, Christchurch Boys High, St Andrews College, St Margaret’s College, Rangi Ruru Girls School.

Shopping: Loads of shops and cafes on Papanui Rd, Merivale Mall, Cranford Street shops at Innes Road cnr and Westminster Corner, Innes Road shops, Edgeware Road shopping centre.

Cafes and Restaurants: Meshino Espresso, Webster’s Cafe, Ris’tretto Espresso Cafe & Roastery, Sushi World, Jec Takeaways, Golden Water Lily, Edgeware Mediterranean Taste

Housing Type: St Albans includes a wide range of mostly freestanding housing including many refurbished late 19th century villas, Californian bungalows, modern houses, units and townhouses.

Sections: A few sections are available, but mainly infill sites suitable for townhouses and higher density over 60s housing.

Neighbouring Suburbs: Merivale, Bryndwr, Papanui, Mairehau, Edgeware, Shirley, Central City

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