Welcome to our New Brand Identity!

“To us, business is personal. That’s why we guarantee the quality of our service and are on the ground ensuring these high standards are delivered day in, day out”

You may have noticed this newsletter looks a little different from the last one…this is our first newsletter to go out under our fabulous new brand identity.

For the past 40 years, since Cowdy & Co was founded in 1979, our oval logo and maroon colour have been synonymous with our business.

We are very proud of our rich history, but it was time to update our brand so that it more accurately represents the company we are today.

We are thrilled with our new look, which we deliberately chose because of its bold, contemporary and stylish characteristics.

Led by Guy Pask and his team from creative and strategic consultancy Double Lux, the traditional maroon has been updated to a palette of magenta tones which are both modern and striking, while at the same time referencing our long history. Our signage on Papanui Rd looks fantastic lit up in the new colours.

In addition, ‘Cowdy & Co’ has become ‘Cowdy’ – a simple refresh of our company name, but one that reflects our  modern thinking and innovative, family-owned intergenerational business.

We think our name refresh and new-look branding clearly and strongly expresses the values we hold as a company, as well as our direction for the future. We’d love to hear what you think!