A seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the Real Estate industry, Nadine has joined the team at Cowdy as a Business Development Manager.

With a keen ear and sharp negotiating skills, Nadine is dedicated to always prioritising her clients’ best interests. Her commitment to transparency and professionalism ensures that every client interaction is characterised by trust and reliability, aligning strongly with the Cowdy Standard.

Nadine has a unique blend of interpersonal finesse and an innate ability to connect with people, building lasting relationships and always providing a high level of service.

Samantha brings extensive experience to her role as a Property Manager at Cowdy. Samantha has worked in the Property Management industry for over 15 years in South Africa and New Zealand.

Samantha is a very balanced person but thrives on structure, meaning she is always well organised and able to deliver a high level of service for her clients.

Samantha always ensures a job is followed through and completed to a high standard. This approach ensures she can deliver the Cowdy Standard across all areas of her work.

Having recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Land and Property Management at Lincoln University, Louis has joined the Cowdy team as a Property Manager.

Louis’ motivated and outgoing nature made it a natural next step for him to enter the Property Management industry.

Louis is a talented sportsman, he is very actively involved in hockey, both playing and coaching and has a keen interest in cycling.

A passion for property and people, Louis ensures he delivers the Cowdy standard in all aspects of his work.

Having completed a Bachelor of Hotel and Institutional Management at Lincoln University, Hilary spent 11 years as Chief Stewardess on board Superyachts around the world where she developed many transferable skills for her career in property management at Cowdy.

Hilary has a passion for people and excellent communication skills, going above and beyond to highlight one of our core beliefs of personal service.

Highly organised and with a keen eye for detail, Hilary strives to achieve the best results for her clients and tenants alike.

After 8 years in customer service & high intensity roles, it was a natural progression for Ruby to begin her career as a Property Manager with the team at Cowdy.

Ruby prides herself on having the skills to communicate with anyone, no matter the situation. With her keen eye for detail and passion for property, Ruby goes above and beyond to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Ruby’s personal mantra of honesty and integrity allow her to ensure she can deliver the Cowdy Standard in all aspects of her work.

It is these skills and morals that landlords can trust and be rest assured that Ruby will be looking out for their investment the whole way.

Gael’s core beliefs fit perfectly with the Cowdy brand values of honesty, integrity and personal attention.

Gael is proactive, efficient and highly professional. A valued member of the Cowdy property management team since 1994, she has gained an impressive reputation among her peers.

Being a property investor herself, Gael’s attention to detail and no-nonsense approach ensures peace of mind and the maximum yield from her clients’ investments.

Highly organised and practical, Gael ensures all her clients and customers receive clear ongoing communication and a high level of service.

Gina joined the team at Cowdy in 2006 in a customer service role.

It was therefore a natural progression for Cowdy to ask her to join the Property Management team in 2009.

Gina enjoys the responsibility of owning her own rental property so understands the importance, and is determined tenants meet their responsibilities, regarding the payment of rent and any arrears.

With a persistent, focused and systematic approach to rent collection and arrears her professionalism and outstanding results have been appreciated by all. Gina also manages a small portfolio of properties.

Gina has the added determination to see everything through to the end and a reputation for leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the best possible outcome. This along with good communication skills and an approachable manner leads to a smooth trouble free working relationship.

Gina’s core beliefs follow Cowdy brand values of honesty, integrity and personal attention.

Having gained several years experience in project management at a global HR company specialising in leadership and management, Olivia has developed many transferable skills for her career in property management.

Olivia has a passion for putting customers first, ensuring client satisfaction is achieved and delivering results in a timely manner. She thrives in a fast paced and challenging environment where she seeks out opportunities to innovate and flex to meet her clients’ needs.

Olivia has lived in Melbourne and London for 8 years and has enjoyed extensive travel in Europe and South America. Having returned to Christchurch in September 2015, Olivia is committed to continuing the company’s high values and ethos.

Janice Cowdy is director of Cowdy Real Estate.

Having worked at Cowdy since 1989, with a reputation for offering an unrivalled property management service, she ensures landlords receive the best return for their investment.

A property investor herself, her philosophy is to treat every client’s property as they would. Always ensuring landlords receive a good return on investment, and enjoying open lines of communication.

She has extensive experience in all aspects of business, understanding relevant tenancy legislation, and is committed to providing the best property management service available.

A strategic thinker, she focuses on quality control, problem solving and forward planning.