NICK COWDY / Residential Sales Consultant, Principal Agent

“Learning to effectively manage these tools will not only save you time but will bring you several steps closer to that dream property.”

Ready to crack the code to your perfect property match? It’s all about mastering the art of the search on leading property platforms like TradeMe,, and OneRoof. Whether you’re on the hunt for a first home or a lucrative investment opportunity, this guide will show you how to effectively use search features and filters to narrow down your options and find listings that fit your specific criteria.

TradeMe,, and OneRoof offer an array of search features and filters that are invaluable for zeroing in on your ideal property. To start, you can input basic criteria such as location, price range, and property type to cull the extensive listings down to those that fit your initial requirements. From there, refine your search further with filters like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, land area, and specific keywords that highlight must-have features (think “garage” or “sea view”).

The real power, however, lies in the more nuanced filters. For example, TradeMe and OneRoof allow you to sort by “Open Homes” to plan viewings, while OneRoof also offers filters for the type of Title and “Lifestyle” for more bespoke needs. Each site also has interactive maps to visualise property locations and the surrounding areas. The mobile app for also allows you to draw a circle around an area of your choosing, tailoring your search results even more. To use these features effectively, start broad to see what’s out there, then incrementally apply filters to refine your search, saving your favourite searches or setting up alerts to stay informed as new properties hit the market that meet your defined preferences. By understanding and utilizing these tools, you can ensure a more efficient and targeted property search experience.

As you delve deeper into these platforms, you’ll discover that the devil is truly in the details. Take advantage of features like ‘saved searches’ to keep your preferences on tap without starting from scratch each time you visit. Both TradeMe and allow you to receive notifications, so you’re instantly updated when new properties meeting your criteria come on the market, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. Additionally, comprehensive sorting options enable you to prioritise listings by date listed, price, or relevance, so you’re always viewing the most pertinent properties first. Learning to effectively manage these tools will not only save you time but will bring you several steps closer to that dream property.

The key things to remember to ensure you get the best results are –

  1. Input basic search criteria as a starting point.
  2. Use detailed filters such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, land area, and keywords, and take advantage of nuanced filters.
  3. Interactive maps provide visual aids to pinpoint locations.
  4. Progressively apply filters to refine results.
  5. Save searches and set up alerts to get notifications for new listings that meet your criteria.
  6. Use sorting options to order listings by date, price, or relevance to see the most relevant properties first.

In the quest for your ideal property, leveraging the full suite of search capabilities offered can turn an overwhelming task into an exciting exploration. Remember, the perfect property is out there, and with the right approach to these digital resources, you’ll be well-equipped to claim your own slice of real estate paradise.

Happy house hunting!