Preparing your property for sale is a crucial part of the sales process – when there are plenty of buyers in the market, the right preparation can help you get top dollar, and when there are fewer buyers, paying attention to presentation can help ensure your home sells more quickly.

To get the best results in selling your property, we recommend you follow our tips below:

Clean Up Your Act – Be Ready for Inspection!

The average person spends a couple of hours every week cleaning their house with the odd run around with the vacuum cleaner. You may have someone who cleans the windows and maybe you keep your garden quite tidy.

If you intend selling your house you really need to smarten up your act. Take a look at your house with fresh eyes.

Start from the outside – all those cobwebs over the porch suggest neglect, mud on the walls in the hallway from dogs shaking and gumboots being kicked off needs to be scrubbed away. Give your home a real Spring Clean

  • Wipe down skirting boards and door frames
  • Clean every floor, work surface and table top
  • Vacuum under rugs
  • Hang clothes in your wardrobes
  • Remove clutter (and dust bunnies) from under your bed
  • Serious buyers (and nosey people!) will be looking into every nook and cranny in your house. Avoid putting them off with unnecessary mess.