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  1. Home Sweet Home: How to Find a Healthy Christchurch Home

    With winter nipping at our noses, now is the right time to consider what you need from your Christchurch home to keep your family safe and healthy through this tough season. We know that the property market in Christchurch has been tough since the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, but there are still things you Read more

  2. Property Managers 101: How to Choose the Right Person for your Property

    We’ve all heard about property managers but what do they do exactly? In simple terms a property manager is someone you hire to handle the day to day business of your real estate investment. Professional property managers can manage all kinds of properties, from large apartment buildings to family homes to granny flats. Managing your Read more

  3. On the hunt: what to look for in a Rental Property in Christchurch

    We all know that New Zealanders love to own their own houses, but with the current financial climate, it’s not always a possibility especially with the high deposit you need to secure when buying your first house. But renting a house has its perks too: it’s cheaper than paying a mortgage, and your bills are Read more

  4. It’s ALIVE: Christchurch’s Thriving Property Market

    It’s been four years since the February earthquake that destroyed our beloved Christchurch, and if you read the headlines in the news these days, the negativity surrounding the rebuild can make these four years seem even longer. The truth of the matter is this: while there’s still a lot of work to do to get Read more

  5. Rebuilding Christchurch Brick by Brick

    It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the four year anniversary of the Canterbury earthquakes that devastated our beloved city. As one of the original real estate agencies in Christchurch, we’ve seen a lot since we opened the Cowdy doors for business in 1979, but we never could have predicted the amount of destructions we Read more

  6. How to save for Christchurch Property

    If in the New Year, you are planning to buy a new home, it’s time to start saving. The old adage is still as applicable as ever: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”. Thinking in the hundreds and thousands can be tough, but it’s easy to accumulate savings if Read more

  7. Property Management Christchurch

    If you are currently managing your own Christchurch property and finding yourself struggling for time, it may be time to talk to our Property Management Christchurch experts. The team at Cowdy & Co. understand the Christchurch property market and can take care of everything on your behalf, leaving you to get on with your life. Read more

  8. Real Estate Christchurch – Tips for Selling in Summer

    February and March are the most active months of the year, closely followed by October and November. This means that majority of all Real Estate in Christchurch is sold during a quarter of the year. After the Christmas rush has come and gone, many people will be looking forward to a ‘New Year, New Home’ Read more

  9. What makes a good Christchurch Property Manager?

    Our team of dedicated Christchurch property managers pride themselves on delivering excellence property management service to the Christchurch region. Cowdy and Co. have been trusted property managers since 1979 and specialise in Commercial, Rural and Residential real estate. We are the proud recipients of an award of excellence from the Real Estate Institute of New Read more

  10. Real Estate Christchurch – Home Staging Benefits

    Real Estate Christchurch If you are planning to sell your Christchurch property this Summer – we want to help you get the best value you can. With the Christchurch real estate market being competitive, it pays to present your house to show off it’s best assets. There are many easy to use tips to help Read more