It’s important to check the condition of your Christchurch rental property regularly and ensure maintenance issues are addressed. Any damage must be repaired as soon as possible. As a client of Cowdy and Co. Property Management, you’ll get a 4-monthly property inspection by your property manager with a detailed written report and photos.

As a landlord, you’re obliged to keep your property in a reasonable state of repair & cleanliness before the tenant moves in.

By having your property managed through Cowdy and Co, you can be sure that any contractor used to carry out maintenance will uphold the same values and high standard that we promise with our own property managers. At Cowdy and Co we see our contractors as an extension of our brand. We ensure they are registered, honest, reliable and insured. We need them to complete jobs quickly, while guaranteeing their work and at the same time notifying the tenants to arrange suitable access with appropriate notice.

How do we get the best property maintenance contractors?

We don’t just look for the cheapest deals when it comes to maintenance. Your Christchurch rental home is likely the most important investment you’ve got so we personally interview contractors and review their references before they carry out any work on a Cowdy-managed property.

When a maintenance contractor is on board, we’ll provide them with training on compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

The Contract of Service

Our contractors complete a Contract of Service Document that confirms the contractor’s:

  • responsibility for tools & machinery,
  • agreement to report any unusually or unexpected damage to the property,
  • reporting of a property that’s abandoned or vandalised,
  • Health & Safety compliance,
  • Responsibility for their own public liability insurance with an annual follow up to ensure this happens
  • invoices to Cowdy provide specific details of the job, and
  • full liability for any of their employees.

Being a property management company, we handle lots of transactions every day. This is why we audit our contractors regularly.

Negotiate Competitive Rates

To ensure charges are reasonable to our owners we negotiate competitive market rates with our contractors. Your property manager is always looking to protect your asset.

We want to avoid any conflicts of interest, so we make an effort to avoid using any friends of Cowdy staff as maintenance contractors. Invoices are approved by the property manager but paid by our Trust Accounts person to keep the whole process as transparent as possible.

Have any questions? Get in touch!

If you want more information about our property management processes just give us a call on (03) 355 6555 or send us an email.