Property Management Christchurch
  1. On the hunt: what to look for in a Rental Property in Christchurch

    We all know that New Zealanders love to own their own houses, but with the current financial climate, it’s not always a possibility especially with the high deposit you need to secure when buying your first house. But renting a house has its perks too: it’s cheaper than paying a mortgage, and your bills are Read more

  2. Property Management Christchurch

    If you are currently managing your own Christchurch property and finding yourself struggling for time, it may be time to talk to our Property Management Christchurch experts. The team at Cowdy & Co. understand the Christchurch property market and can take care of everything on your behalf, leaving you to get on with your life. Read more

  3. What makes a good Christchurch Property Manager?

    Our team of dedicated Christchurch property managers pride themselves on delivering excellence property management service to the Christchurch region. Cowdy and Co. have been trusted property managers since 1979 and specialise in Commercial, Rural and Residential real estate. We are the proud recipients of an award of excellence from the Real Estate Institute of New Read more

  4. Your Christchurch rental needs a Property Manager

    Cowdy & Company provides a comprehensive Christchurch property management service to property investors from around New Zealand and overseas. Our philosophy is to look after your property as if it is our own. Whether you live in Christchurch or half way around the world, if you own a Christchurch rental, Cowdy & Co will manage Read more

  5. Christchurch Property Management in action

    Meet Karen As Business Development Manager for Cowdy & Co property management, I am fortunate enough to be in a position to meet great people, view wonderful Christchurch properties and secure new homes for great tenants each day. Day to day role A visit to the owner’s home allows me to offer property management advice Read more

  6. 5 top tips to avoid mould in your Christchurch Property

    Damp, mould and mildew is not only bad for the health of your tenants and can cause respiratory problems, it can also seriously damage your Christchurch rental property. If you find any signs of mould, its important to address the issue straight away. Early detection and prevention of mould can save you a lot of Read more

  7. How to maintain a rental property Part 1: Knowing your obligations

    Maintaining a rental property in Christchurch can be tough. The eternal problem for landlords is that you are responsible for its overall upkeep, yet you don’t have constant access. In fact, much of the time you are nowhere near your rental property – whether you live in Christchurch or not! We’re pretty good at dealing Read more

  8. Christchurch Rental Property Tips: Getting your bond back part 2

    In our last blog, we wrote about our top 10 tips to make sure you get your bond back. Here’s part two, with our next 10. Whether you are buying a property, selling a property, renting to tenants or renting a property – be it a Christchurch rental property or further afield – these are Read more

  9. Rental Property Tips: Getting your bond back

    The end of the lease on your rental property can be a terrifying time for renters. You forked over a pretty hefty sum at the beginning of your tenancy, and you think you looked after the place pretty well. Once that contract is over, it is up to the landlord or property manager to determine Read more