The months leading up to Summer and Christmas may be the busiest time for retailers, however the team at Cowdy are busy year round especially with mobile technology turning house hunting into a year-round process. Selling real estate is less susceptible to seasonality than some may think. In fact, January is the most quiet month of all and there are windows of opportunity to sell your home in the middle of Winter, allowing for greater exposure at a time when there are fewer listings on the market to compete with.

Check out these top tips to emphasize your homes Winter amenities

1. Better the Devil you know aka: the Christchurch real estate market
Keep your finger on the pulse by reading up on Christchurch real estate in the local newspaper and check out nearby homes that are for sale. Questions to consider are

  • How much are they selling for?
  • How long are they staying on the market?
  • What has sold recently in the same area?
  • Have there been any changes to the local economy that could alter future housing demand?

2. Get Inspected
While searching for a new place, home buyers are looking at the minor details including any potential repairs which may need to be addressed in the foreseeable future. Make sure all major repairs are completed before putting the property on the market. To determine what is needed, you should have a home inspector evaluate the house. Even the most trivial things such as repairing a window fixture can make or break a sale.

3. Beauty is on the outside
You need to create an instant connection with potential buyers, and the outside of your house is their first impression. Potential buyers won’t take a step inside your home if the outside isn’t appealing. Ensure your property projects a warm and inviting feeling to anyone who passes by and remember potential buyers are likely to drive past your home a couple of times after viewing the inside so its important to maintain the outside during the entire selling process.

  • Trim the hedges
  • Mow the lawn
  • Sweep the driveway and footpaths
  • Keep a light on outside
  • Pressure wash the exterior
  • Tend to the garden- top up bark chips, get rid of weeds

4. Let there be light
With shorter days in Winter, it’s important to be mindful of keeping your home well-lit, even if you are not home. If you have a timer, ensure its set to turn on as soon as it starts to get dark. Remember buyers may drive past on their way home from work and won’t be able to see much if there are no lights on.

That being said, try arrange appointments during the day to allow buyers to see the home in natural sunlight. Maximise natural sunlight by cleaning all your windows- inside and out and opening all curtains and blinds. During appointments, turn on all lights before hand to give off a warm and cosy feeling. Don’t risk an agent fumbling around trying to find a light switch.

5. Get cosy
In Summer its a given a home is warm and dry, but thats a different story in Winter. Winter is the perfect time to affirm the warmth of your home. Once you have drawn in potential buyers by the pristine exterior, make them stay by showing how comfortable they would be during the coldest months of the year. Highlight the cosiness of your home. If you have a wood burning fire, keep it lit with plenty of firewood neatly stacked nearby. Show off any renewable energy features your home may have.

Ensure all the bedrooms are warm, and bedding is fresh. Show off cosy blankets or quilts. As the focal point in the bedroom allow buyers to imagine themselves snuggling up in bed. Bedding sets the tone and establishes the feel of the bedroom. Its crucial to make it warm, relaxing and inviting.

6. Advertise with Summer photographs
Buyers are wanting to imagine what the home is like in Summer, so why not show them? Advertise with photos of the home in Summer, inside and out. Photos showing natural sunlight pouring into the home is a great selling point.

7. Emphasise Winter positives

  • Is your home close to a bus stop or train station?
  • How close are shops?
  • What Winter activities are in close proximity?

8. Declutter
You want buyers to navigate through the house easily and be able to envisage where their own furniture would be. Get rid of unnecessary furnishings and maintain a minimal look. If you have a lot of family photographs, consider putting these away for the selling period.

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