Cowdy isn’t just about managing rental properties in Christchurch and listing houses for rent; we’re very successful residential real estate salespeople with a wealth of experience and expertise.

If you’ve made the decision to put your house on the market you’ll want potential buyers to come in fast and start to see some great offers. When you’re selling property, you need to present your home in the absolute best way possible.

House Buyers Will Often Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t take yourself out of contention before a buyer has even walked inside! It’s vital that the surrounding section of your home (regardless of size) is maintained and presented as nicely as possible. This means pruning back bushes, mowing lawns, repairing a broken fence, water blasting pathways, cleaning windows, moving bins and garden equipment out of sight, keeping a clear lawn if you’re a dog owner… anything that will detract from your home should be fixed.

If you’re serious about selling, you need to keep nice presentation up the whole time you are on the market as potential buyers will often drive past properties they’re interested in prior to (or after) attending open homes.

Want to go the extra mile to make your place more desirable? Put a sunny Sunday afternoon aside to give the fence a fresh coat of paint or maybe buy some flowers and put up hanging baskets in the porch. These may seem like small details but they can help make your house more memorable than the other 5-10 buyers see that day.

A well-presented exterior can make all the difference.

Make Your House A Place Buyers Would Live In

Ever been into a house and immediately found it unpleasant or unsettling? This feeling we get is often attributed to environmental factors that can often be rectified easily:

Heat/Air – Winter: put on the heater, heat pump, or fire before a viewing. Summer: open windows and get airflow through the property.

Light – Pull the curtains back and open the blinds in all rooms. If possible, get rid of old dirty curtains as these only detract from a room.

Space – You want buyers to navigate through the house easily and be able to easily envisage where they would put their own furniture. You should donate, lend out, sell or dispose of any furniture that needlessly takes up floor space. In terms of items like indoor plants, ornaments, wall-hanging art, photo frames etc., look to reduce extra clutter. We’re not asking you to become a minimalist, but rather create well-laid out, welcoming rooms.

Surfaces – A vacuum cleaner and duster are your best friends while your property is on the market. We all know the massive difference a vacuumed floor makes to a room’s appearance!

Simple things like clean, clear surfaces improve the buyer’s experience of your home.

Don’t break the bank

Now would be a good time to say that while you should present your house and section as nicely as possible, you shouldn’t attempt to make it a dream home by spending considerable amounts of money. By keeping a clutter-free and clean interior & exterior buyers can get a good idea of the property and its potential. Remember, they will likely have their own furniture, planned décor and wall colours – so why waste money trying to guess what that is?

Get more great house selling tips

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