We’re delighted to welcome two new staff members to the Cowdy Team, Property Managers Sarah Talbot and Stacey Parry.

Sarah Talbot

Sarah comes to Cowdy and Co with personal experience in not only managing rental homes but maintaining her own investment property. Sarah knows how important an asset your Christchurch property is and always strives to offer superior service to her clients.

property manager cowdy

“My role is about more than just managing properties – it’s about building relationships and trust, along with the satisfaction of resolving issues quickly for both landlords and tenants. I’m committed to leasing property quickly to the very best tenant to ensure clients enjoy maximum returns on their investment.”

Sarah has already been busy with the Cowdy team managing Christchurch rentals. If you have a property that you’re interested in renting out, call Sarah on 03 355 6686 for a chat.

Stacey Parry

Stacey has been working in the property management industry since 2007. She’s got a great positive, professional attitude and a reputation for offering incredible service and expertise.

property manager cowdy 2

Dedicated to providing the best possible service to all those she deals with.

Stacey believes that “the role of a property manager is to ensure that both property owners and tenants feel that their needs are being met at all times. I’m good at problem solving, have an eye for detail and am passionate about making everyone I deal with feel like I’m doing my utmost for them.”

Stacey makes sure that both property owners and tenants are kept in the loop with everything including maintenance, tenancy issues and payment.

Stacey would love to hear from you! Give her a ring on 03 355 6686.

Thinking about renting your Christchurch property?

You may see Sarah and Stacey around Christchurch managing their clients’ properties or around Cowdy & Co.’s office. Feel free to contact either for a chat about your property management needs.