Searching for a property management company is an important process; you’re trusting others to care for what’s likely the most valuable thing you own. There’s some important things to make sure your agency will do to have peace of mind with your rental.

What can I expect when Cowdy & Co Manage my property?

When you come to Cowdy & Co to manage your rental, we guarantee a level of service that you can count on. At Cowdy we really believe 100% in our ability to do a great job – if we fail to meet any of our standards outlined in your Property Owners Handbook the next 3 months’ management of your property will be free.

Listing your property to be rented quickly, by the right people

As soon as you come to Cowdy & Co property management, we’ll put a sign up outside your property within two working days. We put up your property on our website plus Trademe, and in the office window instantly – so you’re visible to as many potential tenants as possible.

All property viewings will be managed by one of our trusted qualified team members and we’ll keep you in the loop on the progress of getting a tenant. When it’s let, we’ll give you written confirmation.

The successful applicant will be interviewed and need to have good references and credit check. We’ll also screen them using the Department of Justice Database.

Getting the rent on time, keeping the house in shape

Thanks to our thorough tenanting process, you’re rarely going to run into issues like missed rent payment. In the event this does happen, we have a zero tolerance policy and follow up all rent arrears instantly and vigorously.

We credit your nominated bank account with rent payments (minus our management fee) either fortnightly or monthly. If there are any small repairs to be made, they’ll come out of the rent too. You’ll get a statement each month detailing any deductions from rent payments.

Sometimes there’s wear and tear on your property that needs to fixed. We have a network of trustworthy tradespeople and maintenance companies who are appropriately licensed. Our property managers take all steps to get you the best price for the job.

Our property inspections every 4 months help us pick up on maintenance required that the tenant might not have noticed.

The Property Owners Handbook

This guide contains more on the above information as well as details on our guarantee. If you’re interested in getting a copy of this handbook, let us manage your property and we will give you one free!