February and March are the most active months of the year, closely followed by October and November. This means that majority of all Real Estate in Christchurch is sold during a quarter of the year. After the Christmas rush has come and gone, many people will be looking forward to a ‘New Year, New Home’ mentality and will be searching through Christchurch Real Estate.

To help sell your Christchurch Property during Summer, Cowdy and Co have compiled a quick list of tips for help put the Christchurch Real Estate Spotlight on your home!

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Let there be Light

Your house needs to stand out amongst other Christchurch Real Estate – one way to do this is to let it shine, literally. Let as much natural light as possible to flow through the house, get rid of thick and heavy curtains and opt for lighter fabric or blinds. This also gives the illusion of more space. Keep your windows clean and pristine, so people can see clearly the outside when inside, and the inside when outside.

Transcend Indoor/Outdoor Divisions

If you have a front or back yard with space for furniture, transcend any indoor/outdoor divisions. Showcase outdoor living by setting up the decks, balconies and gardens with outside furniture. This encourages people to envision themselves living in your home, to picture themselves sitting outside in the sun with a cold drink and a good book.

Keep it Cool

During open homes, ensure the house is well ventilated. Utilise AC if you have it, and if weather permits, keep windows and doors open to keep fresh air circulating throughout. Potential buyers spend considerable time inspecting your home, they need to be comfortable if you want them to be encouraged to spend more time. After 10 minutes its easy to notice whether a house is too cold, too warm, too damp etc. Monitor the temperature, humidity and ventilation during open homes.

Show Character not Personality

It’s great to show off the characteristics of your home, but avoid showcasing your personality as the current home owner. In other words, in order for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home, they need to see their own belongings throughout the house. It’s a good idea to put away family photographs, greeting cards, toiletries and other personal items.

If you are thinking about selling your Christchurch Property this Summer, get in touch with our Christchurch Real Estate experts. Our dedicated team of agents understand the Christchurch Market and can help you through the entire selling process.

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