Real Estate Christchurch

If you are planning to sell your Christchurch property this Summer – we want to help you get the best value you can. With the Christchurch real estate market being competitive, it pays to present your house to show off it’s best assets. There are many easy to use tips to help sell your Christchurch property, one being the use of Home Staging.

It’s worth the effort

Although home staging is a time-consuming process, it is certainly worth doing. Over the past 20 years, home staging has become very popular, and for good reason – staging your home can get you a higher price for your home. Potential buyers look at a lot of homes during the house buying process – your Christchurch property needs to stand out from the rest. By focusing on the aesthetics, your properties visual appeals are more readily apparent to potential buyers.

Portray a home not a house

First impressions are invaluable when it comes to selling Christchurch real estate. With home staging, you are able to portray a real home environment, opposed to an empty shell of a house. Potential buyers are looking for a home they can visualise themselves living in – creating a comfortable setting allows buyers to connect with the home. Professional home stagers know how to expose and highlight a houses key selling features – whether it be light, space, colour or architectural design.

Time saver

Staged houses sell quicker. People are eager to move into a new home as soon as possible. Staging your Christchurch property saves you and the potential buyer time in the long run – a staged home is easily packed up in a matter of days, allowing the new home owners to move in faster.

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