NICK COWDY / Residential Sales Consultant, Principal Agent
Festive Prep

As the festive season approaches, the familiar buzz of Christmas planning begins to fill the air. It’s a time of joy, celebration, and often, a dash of chaos. Preparing for the holidays can be overwhelming, with the endless to-do lists and the ticking clock. But fear not! This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the Christmas rush with ease, ensuring a stress-free and joyous holiday season.

Book Tradespeople Early

Christmas is synonymous with holidays, and that includes tradespeople. If you have any home maintenance or repair tasks you need to take care of before Christmas, book your appointments early. Whether it’s fixing that leaky tap or a fresh coat of paint for the guest room, getting these tasks out of the way in advance will save you from last-minute scrambles.

Pet and Home Care Arrangements

If you’re travelling, arrange house sitters or pet care well in advance. Pet boarding facilities and house sitters get booked quickly during the holiday season, so early planning is key to ensuring your furry friends and home are well taken care of. Though booking now for this year might be challenging, it’s the perfect time to start planning for next year’s holiday season.

Vehicle and Equipment Checks

Ensure your car, trailer, or boat is holiday-ready by getting them warranted in advance. This not only ensures safety during your holiday travels but also avoids the rush at service centres. Similarly, charge any necessary batteries, be it for your car or your camping gear.

Speaking of outdoor adventures, make sure to get your fishing license if you’re planning a fishing trip. It’s a simple yet often overlooked detail in holiday planning.

Gear and Equipment Maintenance

Planning a camping trip? Now is the time to check your tents, air beds, and other camping gear. Make sure everything is in good condition and repair or replace if necessary. The last thing you want is a surprise hole in your air bed when you’re miles from home.

Plan Your Christmas Shopping

Avoid the last-minute shopping frenzy by planning your Christmas shopping ahead of time. Create a list of gifts for your loved ones and try to pick them up during sales or promotions, like the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Keep an eye out for unique local markets or fairs, which are great for finding one-of-a-kind gifts and supporting local businesses.

Keep Courier Delivery Dates in Mind

In the age of online shopping, keeping track of courier delivery dates is crucial. Check the final dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery on your favourite shopping sites and plan accordingly. This is especially important for international or custom-made items, which may have longer shipping times.

Capture the Moment

Getting your Santa photos is a cherished holiday tradition for many families. Book your photo session in advance to avoid long queues and ensure you get that perfect festive picture with Santa.

Food and Beverage Preparations

A clean and ready chilly bin is essential for holiday gatherings and trips. Give it a good wash and check for any wear and tear. Also, it’s never too early to order your Christmas ham or other special holiday foods. Early orders often mean better quality and less stress as the day approaches.

The essence of a stress-free Christmas lies in early preparation and planning. By ticking off these essential tasks ahead of time, you can enjoy the festive season to its fullest, surrounded by the joy and peace it’s meant to bring. Remember, Christmas is not just about the rush and the gifts; it’s a time to cherish with loved ones, create memories, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the season.