NICK COWDY / Residential Sales Consultant, Principal Agent

“Navigating the summer heat is all about balance and smart choices.”

Strategies for a Cooler Home in Summer

The heat of the summer sun, while welcome, can turn our living spaces into sweltering hotspots if not managed properly. This guide offers practical, effective strategies to keep your house cool, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient summer.

Maximise natural ventilation with strategic window opening and cross-ventilation techniques. In the early morning and late evening, when the air is cooler, open your windows to allow cooler air to circulate through your home and reduce indoor temperatures. Utilise the natural breezes by opening windows on opposite sides of your house to create a cooling airflow, pushing out hot air and drawing in cooler air.

Window treatments such as blackout curtains or reflective blinds block out the sun’s intense rays, and planting deciduous trees near windows can provide natural shade in the summer while still allowing sunlight in during the winter. Installing awnings or external blinds also offers excellent protection from the sun.

Consider smart home integrations to help keep your home cool while you’re out and about. Smart thermostats allow for efficient temperature management, learning your schedule, and adjusting temperatures accordingly. You can also install automated blinds or shades that can be programmed to close during the hottest part of the day.

Make sure your fans are set up to be as effective as possible. Ceiling fans need to rotate counterclockwise to push the cool air downwards, and pedestal fans should be pointed towards the window to blow hot air in the room out and let the cooler outside air in.

If using air conditioning, ensure you are regularly servicing your units to ensure they run efficiently and effectively. Keep it at a consistent, comfortable temperature. Overcooling not only increases energy bills but can also cause temperature shocks when moving between indoors and outdoors.

An intriguing yet often overlooked fact is that during New Zealand’s scorching summer days, the temperature in a home’s roof cavity can soar to a staggering 60 – 70 degrees Celsius. This intense heat acts like a thermal blanket over your home, significantly contributing to the indoor heat. To combat this, consider installing a solar-powered roof ventilation system. This eco-friendly solution actively cools your roof cavity, reducing the overall heat load on your home. As a result, any air conditioning units or fans inside your home can operate more efficiently, offering better cooling while consuming less energy.

Navigating the summer heat is all about balance and smart choices. Whether it’s through natural methods like ventilation and shading, or more advanced solutions like solar-powered roof ventilation, each action can contribute to a more comfortable living environment. This summer, by adopting these practical measures, we can ensure our homes remain cool and pleasant, allowing us to enjoy the season in comfort and relaxation.