NICK COWDY / Residential Sales Consultant, Principal Agent
Mid-Century, Henderson House

Henderson House, Newbridge Place

Designed in 1966 by Minson Henning-Hansen & Dines

Images by Sarah Rowlands

Christchurch modernism wasn’t an evolution of design. It wasn’t the next logical step in Ōtautahi’s architecture or even a predictable shift. Instead, it was a movement that disrupted and diverted the conservative landscape of our city between 1960 – 1970. Championed by architects like Miles Warren, Maurice Mahoney, and Don Donnithorne, commercial and residential buildings of this iconic period are instantly recognisable courtesy of many distinct hallmarks.

Concrete block, timber detailing, prominent chimneys, and minimalist forms reign supreme, with their ‘simple’ appearance often belying the thoughtful planning at play. Though architects commonly drew references from Japan, Scandinavia, and Brutalism, the style of the Christchurch Movement is inherently unique to our city. For ten years it dominated and transformed Ōtautahi’s aesthetic before the 70’s arrived, bringing with it yet another sharp departure in style.

Our city is still scattered with remnants of the Christchurch Movement, and its popularity is fast on the rise. Where people once coveted the ‘classic villa’ or ‘character bungalow’, house hunters now present keywords like ‘mid-century’ or ‘minimalist’, or a list of preferred modern architects.

Having lived in two of these beautiful homes, Nick Cowdy can fully appreciate the heightened appeal of their design. This renewed interested in safeguarding these striking homes is a serious win for Christchurch’s architectural heritage – and those thinking of selling.

While some buyers are hunting for homes in their original mid-century form, others prefer a modernised take – galley kitchens aren’t for everyone after all. That means whether your home is preserved exactly as the day it was built, requires attention, or has been painstakingly remodelled, there is a market to suit.

Nick Cowdy has dedicated endless time to researching the era, the architects, and the homes of Christchurch Modernism. It is not only something he is exceptionally passionate about, it’s also what he does best. Combining this dedication with the team at Cowdy’s extensive sales track record, Nick is confident we are the only agents to represent these properties on the market. No other agency has committed the time, resources, or heart to this unique and significant niche.

If you are thinking of selling or are just interested in a chat with a like-minded architecture enthusiast, get in touch with Nick Cowdy.